Your March Tarot Card Reading, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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March Tarotscopes 2021
March Tarotscopes 2021


As you're starting to tap into the energy of spring, the universe asks you to reevaluate the limiting beliefs you hold. It's time to reap the rewards for the seeds you've planted during wintertime, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Below is your March tarotscopes. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Card: Knight of Pentacles

Slowly but surely you've worked to change your approach to something and it's paying off. Planning and focusing on the smaller details of your projects will prove to take you far this month. You're learning that sometimes it's beneficial to take your time, Aries.


Card: Two of Pentacles

Don't get overwhelmed by options, Taurus. Take some time out to ground yourself so that you make the best decision for moving ahead. Success is worth thinking this through.


Card: Empress (Reversed)

This month, you need a social hiatus. Yes, everyone loves being around you, Gemini, but you need some to recover from social fatigue right now. Make sure you're filling your cup, too. Rest is calling your name.


Card: Chariot

Your confidence is really shining through this month! Not only are you feeling yourself, but others are, too. Expect to attract lots of new things (and people?). Keep thriving!!


Card: Tower

Out of nowhere everyone wants your time, Leo! Opportunities are pouring in and it feels simultaneously good and overwhelming. Be sure to stay grounded. There is such a thing as too much attention.


Card: Four of Cups

I know you're tired of things not going your way, but keep pushing forward. You're getting so close to a breakthrough. Try not to give in to your desire to stop, Virgo. You got this.


Card: Judgement (Reversed)

You're being called to action. Remember that putting effort behind your desires is just as important as voicing them. Your manifestations are ready when you are.


Card: Four of Swords

You've been stubbornly holding onto something so much that it's giving you a headache. I know you have a strong determination to make things work, but sometimes, you have to walk away. It's time to get to the root of your strong grip.


Card: Nine of Cups

True happiness is found when we surrender to the natural flow of things. This month, you're being called to look at your pursuit of long-lasting fulfillment versus instant gratification. What makes you feel truly nurtured and held?


Card: Nine of Wands (Reversed)

This month, you are finally emerging from a long hibernation. A lot of insecurities have come up recently to be dealt with and you're feeling a lot more comfortable in your skin having worked through them. As a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, get ready to fly.


Card: Strength (Reversed)

Innovation is at the forefront of your mind this month. You can clearly see what needs to be improved and how to go about it! You're also being called to harness your natural leadership skills to help others enact change, too.


Card: Emperor

You're being called to find your balance in how you give your energy to others. It's a fine line, so don't be too hard on yourself as you're processing this. Practice makes perfect, Pisces.