This Map of Worldwide Travel Restrictions Shows It’s Not Even Worth Trying

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Are there parents out there thinking about traveling internationally? If there are, a new interactive map showcasing travel restrictions across the globe confirms what many probably already know to be true: a) it’s just a bad idea during this public health crisis and b) it’s not really possible pretty much everywhere around the world. For most families, international travel is probably the furthest thing from parents’ minds during the COVID-19 pandemic. But for those who have actually thought about it, a new map from Skyscanner shows just how many international gates are closed. In addition to the map, Skyscanner reveals that according to a survey, “over half of Americans don’t feel confident that they understand the rules for international travel.”According to the data, 106 countries, including Canada, India, China, Australia, Russia, Libya, Argentina, France and dozens of others have “major restrictions” that effectively ban travel to those countries unless you’re a citizen. 108 nations, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Iran have “moderate restrictions” which can allow entry for passengers who take safety regulations such as taking a COVID-19 test and being required to quarantine once inside the country. 11 countries currently have “low restrictions” which means people can travel there without restrictions like a COVID-19 test and quarantine, including Brazil, Central African Republic, Afghanistan. There are 9 countries that have unknown restrictions meaning that Skyscanner doesn’t have travel data for that destination, including the United States and Western Sahara. That might be, perhaps, the most damning category to be under, considering the USA’s response to COVID-19 has been thin on the ground and catastrophically mismanaged. But, even if you are thinking about traveling, new COVID-19 strains, surging cases globally, and the fact that you might be bringing the virus with you to other populations should be enough of a reason not to choose to go.

So, yes, that international probably should and probably has to be on hold until COVID-19 gets under control.

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