Man’s female friend doesn’t want him to marry his girlfriend: ‘Cut her off’

A man’s female friend confessed that she had feelings for him after he told her he was engaged, and he’s not sure whether to end their friendship over her confession.

The man shared his story on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum and asked how to handle the uncomfortable situation with his friend. He explained that while he had feelings for the friend in the past, he is no longer interested in her romantically.

Man and woman sitting on a wall.
Man and woman sitting on a wall.

The man shares that he and his friend met 10 years ago while attending college together. They were roommates and close friends who spent a lot of time together. Eventually, the man realized he had feelings for the woman.

“I started developing feelings for her and she knew this,” he shares. “I made a few moves on her but she always rejected me.”

The man reveals that his female friend struggled to make other friends in college and beyond.

“She did not make any real friendships at university and [has] fallen out with every single friend she made,” the man confesses. “To be honest, she wasn’t the easiest person to deal with. She was quite full of herself and people didn’t like her for this.”

But the man didn’t care that his friend was difficult. His romantic feelings for her overrode his frustration. However, things came to an abrupt halt the second time the woman rejected his advances.

“She actually cut me off for half a year,” he recalls.

Eventually, the man and woman became friends again. Once, when he went to visit the woman in her hometown, he decided to confess his romantic feelings again. This time, the woman rejected him and refused to speak with him for an entire year.

The man moved on and met his now-girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancée. Things were going great until the female friend returned to the picture.

“Recently, she messaged and we got in touch again,” the man shares. “I am now in a relationship and told her I was going to get married to my current [girlfriend]. At first she said she was happy for me, but as time went on she started flirting with me on the phone and saying that she misses me and regrets that nothing happened between us.”

The woman even went as far as to request that the man not get engaged!

“Now she wants to give us a chance and doesn’t want me to get married,” the man reveals. “She claims she didn’t know any better back then but she’s afraid she is going to lose me for good as a friend or potential partner once I am married.”

While the man has no intention of breaking up with his girlfriend, he is unsure of how to handle his friend’s advances.

“I like her as a friend but I am afraid this friendship might take a toll on my relationship,” he concludes.

Redditors had thoughts about his ‘old friend’

Readers almost unanimously advised the man to cut off his toxic friendship!

“Time for you to cut her off this time. She only wants you now because this time she can’t have you,” one Redditor commented.

“The only reason to stay in contact with this person is to ruin your current relationship. You need to block your ‘old friend.’ She just doesn’t want to see you happy with someone else,” another Redditor chimed in.

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