This Mandoline Makes Slicing Vegetables 'Fast and Easy'—and It's Over 50% Off at Amazon

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Food & Wine / Amazon

Unless you’re a professional, perfectly sliced vegetables are difficult to achieve. That’s where a mandoline comes in.

It’s a handy tool that is adjustable to slice thin or thick pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, and other vegetables, and will save you time all the while. If you don’t have one in your kitchen, you need one, and right now, this mandoline slicer is currently over 50% off at Amazon.



To buy: Vekaya Mandoline Slicer, $32 with coupon (originally $67) at

This mandoline adjusts to slice wafer-thin (0- to 3-millimeter) slivers of produce, like carrots and radishes, and up to 9-millimeter thick slices for potato chips or fries. With a simple turn of the knob, you can switch the thickness and make julienne slices or change it to make waffle fries or chips with the included waffle blade. And although some mandolines can be dangerous, here’s the best part: There’s no concern about getting cut when making these adjustments, as according to the manufacturer, you do not ever need to touch the blade.

The handle folds down for easy storage, and when in the up position, it makes a nice slanted stand with a slot for your hand to hold while using the slicer. Included are protective gloves for you to wear while slicing that are cut-resistant. This tool is sure to cut prep time in half (or matchsticks).

This mandoline slicer has received top marks from Amazon shoppers for how easy it is to operate and has earned over 1,700 perfect star ratings. One reviewer wrote, “It is easy to adjust the slicing thickness” and that “you literally just twist the dial to the desired thickness.” The same can’t be said for other mandolines.

Another shopper likes how easy this slicer is to use and writes, “It gives your salad a restaurant-perfect look.” While a third one wrote that it is a “must-have kitchen tool” that’s  “sharp, easy to clean, and makes prep work a breeze.”

If you want to elevate your dishes to look picture-perfect like the pros and save time while preparing them, look no further. This mandoline from Amazon is a great option and best of all, it’s on sale for over 50% off.

At the time of publishing the price was $32.

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