'Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Has Been Dropped by Lucasfilm Over "Abhorrent and Unacceptable" Tweets

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Gina Carano is no longer a cast member on The Mandalorian after being dropped by Lucasfilm amid outcry over some truly awful tweets. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, a Lucasfilm spokesperson said, "Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable."

The actress recently shared two posts on social media, which ET reports compared conservative republicans to Jewish people in Nazi Germany. Which...to borrow the words of Lucasfilm, is literally abhorrent.

Fans were quick to petition for Lucasfilm and Disney+ to drop Gina from The Mandalorian, using the hashtag #FireGinaCarano. Obviously Lucasfilm acted swiftly, and Gina has also been dropped by her agency.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, previous tweets from Gina (in which she mocked mask wearers and falsely claimed voter fraud) caused Lucasfilm to scrap a spin-off show with her in November.

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