Man tries to 'publicly shame' sister into changing 'weird' baby name: 'I am getting a divided response'

A man is trying to convince his sister to change her “weird” baby name.

He shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His sister Penny named her first child Neon and plans to name her second Green. Her husband is on board with it, but the Reddit poster is not.

“I immediately told her that it is not cute or unique, it is just weird,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I decided to make a small post on a FB forum about baby names, and the comments were just riveting.”

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“There was some actual good advice in there and a lot of mean comments but I filtered those out and sent her the respectful comments, she filpped out.”

Eventually, Penny found the Facebook post, saw the harsh comments and “started crying.” She was furious that the unique name was published to the world and feared others copying. The Reddit poster called her “delusional.”

“Now they are telling everyone what I did and I am getting a divided response. Some are telling me I did absolutely right as that is a ridiculous name, others are telling me I had no business doing what I did,” he said.

People thought the brother may have gone too far, even if there were legitimate concerns about the name.

“You basically publicly shamed her,” a Redditor commented.

“Your subtle passive aggressiveness is high school level drama,” another said.

“It’s okay for you not to like the name but he is not your child,” someone wrote.

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