Man tricks partner into giving their baby the name he wanted

This man used reverse psychology on his partner to ensure that their baby received the name he wanted, and viewers are impressed by how much thought he put into his plan.

The selection process for naming a baby can be fraught with disagreements between parents. However, TikToker and dad, Stefan Alexander (@diamonddad0), came up with a system to ensure that he got to choose his child’s name without his partner even knowing, and viewers are calling the sneaky method genius.

The clip opens with a stitch from TikToker Gabby Lamb (@gabbylamby), where she asks parents if they regret what they named their kids, before cutting to a shot of Alexander addressing the camera while sitting in his car.

Alexander prefaces his response, saying that he and his child’s mother are on good terms before stating adamantly, “There was no way I was letting [her] call her what she wanted to call her!”

“She wanted to call her f****** Aubrey,” Alexander says with a look of distress, explaining that he refused to name his child after one of the children featured in MTV’s Teen Mom. 

“So I had to think of a good way of getting around it without her thinking that I didn’t want the child to be called Aubrey,” Alexander mentions, explaining he’s certain that if he said he didn’t want to name the child Aubrey, his partner would have named the child Aubrey out of defiance.

Instead, Alexander took a different approach. “So I said, ‘I love it. Perfect name for our child! AMAZING name! Our daughter shall be called Aubrey,’” he recalls.

Immediately, Alexander’s plan started working in his favor. “She must not have liked this because she still continued looking at names,” he mentions, noting that “the child would have been called Aubrey” had he initially rejected the name.

“Because I said I loved the name, she kept looking,” Alexander affirms. While she continued researching, Alexander said he also showed her lists of names.

“So I made sure that every single one of the lists contained the name that I wanted: Olivia,” Alexander shares, noting his “plan started to come together” when the child’s mother brought up the name “Olivia” as an option.

“I said, ‘Absolutely not. There is no way you’re calling my child Olivia,’ to which she replied, ‘Yes, I am,’” Alexander relays.

After some back and forth, Alexander agreed to the name Olivia on the condition that he’d get to choose the child’s middle name.

“So not only did I end up getting the name that I wanted, I got my sister’s name as a middle name as well,” he discloses at the end of the video.

Many viewers were impressed by the level of consideration Alexander put into ensuring his plan worked.

“This is the best reverse psychology I’ve ever seen,” one user said.

“Should have said you have an ex-girlfriend called Aubrey,” suggested one TikToker.

“We literally did, ‘If it’s a boy you choose. [If it’s a girl] I’ll choose.’ I lost, and now I have a Ruben named after a Chelsea football player,” one parent shared.
Based on the comments, the debate over what expecting parents should name their child is a tale as old as time.

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