TikToker's hilarious takeout horror story shows his food getting caught between train doors: 'Now THAT'S some fast food'

A man on TikTok went viral after sharing his hilarious takeout horror story: His fried chicken pick-up order got caught between the train doors on his way home.

A Northern New Jersey resident, TikToker Zah took the PATH train to quickly commute to New York and pick up his favorite fried chicken from Koreatown. Unfortunately, the plastic bag holding his food got caught between the doors when he boarded the train going back home, leaving the chicken to hang outside throughout the ride.

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Zah shared this clip that shows him holding onto his Korean fried chicken for dear life in the train car.

“Odds we make it across the Hudson River?” Zah wrote in the caption.

TikTokers were both amused by Zah’s takeout horror story and devastated by the fate of Zah’s Korean fried chicken.

“I’m sorry this might’ve ruined ur day but this made my day I DIDN’T KNOW THIS COULD EVEN HAPPEN,” a viewer commented.

“Not the kbbq… the way I would cry the entire ride home ONG,” another TikToker wrote.

“Now THAT’S some fast food,” someone joked.

Other PATH train regulars shared similar experiences in the comments to empathize with Zah’s pain.

“That happened to my braids on the 6 [train] once. Luckily I was in the train, not out,” a TikTok user commented.

“The doors once closed on both sides of a textbook in my backpack. I got stuck like a turtle and needed strangers to help dislodge me,” another shared.

Zah’s fried chicken survived the scary ride back to Jersey across the Hudson. This hilarious TikTok shows the entire car cheering as the train stops at the next station, revealing Zah’s takeout still intact.

When Zah returned home, he shared a follow-up video to give his chicken a taste test. He notes that his roommate predicted that the food would “taste like fumes” — his disgusted reaction after taking a bite of the chicken is priceless.

“Roommate was right,” a TikToker joked.

“I’m so sad for u BBQ Chicken is the best too,” another sympathized.

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