Man taken aback by girlfriend’s ‘extreme’ reaction to his homemade food: ‘I’m not cooking for her [again]’

Emerald Pellot
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A man’s girlfriend had strange responses to his cooking — then Reddit helped them both realize it was indicative of something else entirely.

The man went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum confused about his girlfriend’s recent behavior. Every time he cooked them meals (his household responsibility) she would complain that it smelled and tasted horrible. It hadn’t been an issue before, so he couldn’t figure out why they were always arguing about it now.

“We both work a lot, so we have both been very cranky and moody,” he said. “Especially my girlfriend who’s snapped at me a few times and been in a really bad mood. For the past few days what’s really set her off is my cooking. I’m usually the one making breakfast, packing our lunches, and dinner. Literally, anytime I’ve been at the stove, she complains about how bad the smell is and gives me crap about using stuff that has obviously gone bad according to her. Or won’t even finish eating.”

Then the issue escalated into a full-blown fight and the girlfriend went to stay at her sister’s house.

“I snapped a little this morning when again she complained about the omelet I was making us,” he explained. “So I actually dumped the eggs in the trash, told her she can make her own damn breakfast for herself then and I’m not cooking for her anymore if she’s gonna keep acting spoiled about what I make. We ended up having an argument over this and we left for work mad. Anyways my girlfriend didn’t come home and her sister called me.”

“This is a bit out there and I don’t think it’s normally so extreme, but is there any possibility she could be pregnant?” one user asked.

“Are you sure she’s not pregnant?” another wrote.

After Reddit users weighed in, the poster added a very special update.

“I can’t believe you guys were right,” the boyfriend wrote. “Yeah, we’re pregnant and freaked out/super excited. My girl for sure cried and ok, me too a little bit.”

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