Man stirs controversy after insulting fired coworker: ‘Maybe he’ll learn’

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A man had some choice words for his coworker after they were fired. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he took things too far. Apparently, the poster’s coworker can be quite rude to clients.

“He’s rude to us, he’s unacceptably rude to customers and for some reason, I don’t know, the owners wouldn’t fire him. He’s lost us accounts due to his behavior it’s so bad. I told him more than once that one day he’s going to mouth off to the wrong person. Well, that happened,” the user wrote. “He was incredibly condescending and rude to a woman who came in, kept saying he wouldn’t speak to her, only her boss because she wouldn’t understand. Well, maybe no surprise there, she was the owner. She goes by initials and he assumed she was a man because communication had been done via email. She gave him a pretty amazing dressing down.” 

The woman happened to hold the company’s largest contract, which caused the owners to scramble to salvage what the rude coworker had done. 

“Coworker was finally fired because we can’t lose this customer,” the user explained. “Coworker is furious, blaming us for not telling him and how he needed this job. He told me that I knew who she was and should have stepped in, then started blaming others. I told him it wasn’t our fault that he was rude to people and it wasn’t our responsibility to tell him not to act like an a****** for certain customers when he needed to treat all our clients with respect. He started complaining that it wasn’t his fault. I rolled my eyes and told him it served him right and I warned him this would eventually happen.”

Reddit thought the coworker had what was coming to him.

“It does serve him right, and maybe he’ll learn from this,” one user wrote

“He’s rude and sexist and he should’ve been fired a long time ago,” another said

“This guy really needed to hear the harsh truth that his behavior has consequences,” someone added

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