Man starts conversation about ‘casualification’ of work attire: ‘Looks do matter’

A man on TikTok has some people up in arms after he started a conversation about the “casualification” of work clothes.

New York-based, self-proclaimed “tech bro” Colin Rocker (@therealcolinrocker) posts career-focused videos with tips for young professionals. He’s made corporate survival guide videos and given out advice from older managers, but this was easily his most controversial take.

“Do not fall for the increasing casualification of work and your career,” Rocker said. “I disagree completely that you can show up in a T-shirt and pair of Nikes and expect to get the same result to someone who works less hard than you but comes to work dressed.”

Rocker also wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t expect people to dress in suits, ties and other formal clothing all the time.

“Just make sure you have a haircut,” he said. “Get one good shirt. Maybe upgrade the pair of shoes you wear in every morning. Looks do matter.”

His video has caused a divide, as some people agreed that “looks do matter,” while others scoffed at the idea.

“If everyone is casual and you show up dressed professional / a tier up, I promise they will make fun of you — this take is so out of touch,” said @yungholdie.

“Laughs in engineering,” said @ketzerisch11.

Although there was some pushback, a myriad of people showed their support for his sentiment.

“Being polished makes you feel better,” said @mba_bae.

“Shoes can make the BIGGEST difference in turning an outfit from casual to smart,” replied @hannahhmariaa.

Rocker was mainly speaking on appearance for those who commute to work, but some people in the comments applied this thought process to their remote work.

“Agreed. I’m 100% remote! bought some cheap statement necklaces for meetings and bosses commend my professionalism. I wear a nightgown. Lol,” replied @pointbroken45.

While this debate seems to be just getting started, it’s clear the common ground still hasn’t been found.

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