Man sparks massive debate after refusing to ‘share’ his $6 million inheritance

A 20-year-old man thought he was an only child until he learned he had a secret older sister. He explained the dilemma on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "Just over a year ago, I discovered that I have a sister, Lucy," he explained. "The story goes that my mother had a child with her first boyfriend while she was in college, and they couldn’t support her, so she opted for adoption at birth. My father was aware of this, but I was never told. About a year ago, she made contact with our mother. My grandparents on my mother's side both passed a few years ago. My mother was their only child, and I their 'only' grandchild, and they left their entire estate to me. The sum of money was much larger than I expected, totaling around $6 million". "A few weeks ago, my mother sat me down and asked me to share the money with Lucy," he said. "I don’t exactly feel the type of connection to her that would merit giving her such a large sum of money, or any money at all, for that matter. . So I explained that to my mother, and she wasn’t exactly happy with my answer. She believes I’m being extremely selfish and that Lucy could very much benefit from this money as well since she’s still a college student and in debt. My grandparents were aware of Lucy's existence (even though they never met her), and they chose to leave everything to me all the same". Reddit users didn't think he owed Lucy anything, even if she was his birth sister. "Your sister could benefit from that money, but you are right, it's not your problem," one person said