Man shocked by wife’s ‘surprise’ vacation plans: ‘I am not going’

A husband refused to go on a surprise vacation when he discovered his wife’s family would be going too. He consulted Reddit’s r/AmITheA****** forum to find out whether he had made the correct decision. His wife surprised him with a romantic dinner and a pre-planned three-week vacation in a secluded cabin — Then she dropped the family bomb. “I adore my wife but I absolutely hate her family”. “but honestly, my heart just dropped. Trust me, I do my absolute best to stand these people when I see them for the sake of my wife and act like the perfect son-in-law”. “But the idea of spending my only vacation days in a cabin with these absolutely horrible people is just a full-on no for me”. Reddit didn’t think the husband was obligated to go on the surprise vacation. “She’s free to spend time with her family, doesn’t mean you have to use up all your vacation time on them,” another wrote