Man shares unbelievable experience aboard Chinese high-speed train: ‘You shouldn’t say that something is good … until you try it out’

China’s public transit system is far beyond anything we can imagine in North America, with high-speed electric trains that travel at world-record-setting speeds, limit planet-overheating gas pollution, and are silent and extremely comfortable.

At least, that’s what content creator Chace Barber (@chacebarber) heard. So, he went to China to find out for himself if it was all true — and he found that it was.

“OK, did I go to China just to make a video about high-speed rail? Yes,” Barber told his 830,000 followers. “But I’m a firm believer in [the fact that] you shouldn’t say something is good and works until you try it out. And after trying out high-speed rail, this is the greatest way to travel, ever.”

Barber highlights the ease of boarding the train compared to flying. There are no lengthy security lines, and “there is literally a train leaving every 20 minutes.”

He then compares the comfort of the seating to airline seating. In the train, the seats are spaced so far apart that he can’t touch the seat in front of him with his foot even if he tries.

Barber then showed that the train is traveling at 301 km/hour (187 miles per hour) and “you can barely even notice it, it’s so smooth.” (Other travelers on China’s high-speed rail have noted the same phenomenon, which is due to its magnetic levitation, or “maglev” technology.)

“I want this in Canada,” Barber concluded. “This is the way to go.”

Not only are China’s high-speed trains convenient, comfortable, and incredibly fast, but they are also much healthier for our planet than forcing people to get everywhere by driving cars. (And, of course, infinitely more environmentally friendly than air travel.)

China’s high-speed trains are powered mainly by electricity derived from clean energy sources and can transport large numbers of people at a time.

Barber’s followers were suitably impressed by his journey.

“The fact that Canada and [the] USA don’t have this blows my mind,” one commenter wrote.

“Oil companies lobbying the government probably won’t let that happen,” wrote another.

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