Man shares sweet BTS of the lead-up to his marriage proposal: ‘We’re officially an hour away’

TikToker Sterling’s (@sterlingolmstead) fiancé, Nick, shared a behind-the-scenes video compilation of his POV during the days leading up to his proposal, and it’s as adorable as it is touching.

Most proposals come with an element of surprise, but Sterling’s now-fiancé didn’t want her to miss out on any of the planning — so he filmed himself during the days leading up to the proposal and shared it with her in a sweet BTS video compilation.

The video begins with a shot of Nick with the soon-to-be bride’s family.

“All right, Sterls, I’m here with your whole family. You don’t know it yet so I’m not gonna show this to you until later,” he says. “We’re gonna get engaged soon.”

The next shot shows Nick leaving a relative’s house with the engagement ring in tow before it cuts to him on a beach.

“All right, babe, here we are planning out the spot,” he explains in front of a gorgeous skyline. “We’re a month and two days away from the big day.”

The proposal is getting closer, and you can feel the anticipation in Nick’s POV videos.

“We’re officially under 24 hours until I propose,” he says excitedly. “You’ve only brought up getting engaged about 85 times today. It’s only about 1 p.m., so I’m sure that’s gonna go up, but as of right now we’re looking good on the surprise. Fam’s coming in tomorrow morning. Can’t wait, I love you.”

The buildup is rising as the moment is almost here. Nick is now on the beach again where he’ll propose.

“We’re officially an hour away,” he says. Then he pans over to reveal a photographer. “[I’m] here with Jeremy at the spot. Not a cloud in the sky. Ready to go.”

Before we know it, the video cuts to the big moment, when he proposes on the beach, and they embrace following their engagement. Finally, the video closes out with Sterling and Nick walking into a restaurant where their families and loved ones are waiting to celebrate.

Viewers weighed in with observations about her fiancé-to-be

Viewers jumped into the comments to share their congratulations and observations about Nick’s appearance and voice.

“His accent sounds like the turtles in Finding Nemo,” remarked one viewer.

“Blonde Steve Harrington,” observed a Stranger Things fan.

“This is how you do it,” said a viewer in approval.

If Sterling’s fiancé put this much thought into the proposal, there’s no doubt the wedding will be one to remember.

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