Man Sets Out to Prove 'How Extra' Cats Are and the Evidence Is Perfect

Cats rule the house. Every step they take is very calculated. They know exactly how to get their way every single time. So just be prepared for that if you're ever thinking of getting a cat.

Don't believe us? Well, we have proof thanks to TikTok user @abrameng. He bought a new cat tree for his orange cat named Kurt to use except, Kurt hasn't really used it much. This TikToker decided to test a theory and see if Kurt would get jealous. The result is a hilariously accurate depiction of cats!

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LMAO! We told you cats know exactly what they're doing! They love to act like they don't care about things, but we know they're just secretly jealous. "Yup! My cat would kick my dog off his carpet. He would never lay on that carpet but as soon as the dog did he would go bite and scream at the dog!" wrote @chachysanchez. LOL! At least we know it's not just Kurt!

"He took that personally," said @samanthabahena0. Oh, you think?! LOL! We love that he doesn't like that stuffed animal even though it looks exactly like him. Kurt wants to be the ONLY cat in the house. @dreamscape3 added, "Yep, cats are the real boss of the house!" You can say that again!

Now, the only thing left to do to make sure that Kurt continues to use his new cat tree is to open up those blinds! TikTokers are demanding the blinds to be opened so Kurt can sit peacefully in his tree, looking at the outside world. That's not too much to ask for!

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