Man reacts to women realizing it’s 11:11: ‘bro thought y’all were casting a spell’

One man found himself in a particularly jarring situation when he came across a group of women realizing it was 11:11.

What is 11:11?

According to Cosmopolitan, 1111 is “a number of alignment of the highest order,” and it provides “confirmation that everything is on schedule and divinely guided in your world at this time.” 1111 is considered an angel number or “a guiding message from above.” The number can appear in various places, be it on a license plate, a receipt, or in this case, on a clock.

With this angelic number in mind, New York City-based content creator Simona (@simonacruzer) caught the exact moment she and her girls realized it was 11:11 — and a nearby man’s reaction to their response.

“POV it’s 11:11,” she writes.

Simona and her girlfriends are immediately seen bowing their heads down as they seemingly make a wish. A man, who happens to be standing nearby, looks utterly surprised as he looks on.

One of the girls notices him and apologizes while the others break into laughter.

“Oh god,” the man says. “It is what it is, but that was really interesting.”

The women briefly explain the importance of 11:11 in a follow-up video.

“When it’s 11:11, you have to make a wish. It happens twice a day,” one woman says.

“Oh, I know what 11:11 means,” the man says. “It means you’re on the right path.”

“This is womanhood”

In just two days of posting, Simona’s initial video has more than 1.1 million views and 354,000 likes. Commenters are both laughing at the man’s reaction and praising this group of women for their relatability.

“bro thought y’all were casting a spell,” someone wrote.

“This is womanhood,” another said.

“justgirlythings,” one user replied.

While making a wish at 11:11 may be routine for some people, the man in Simona’s video seemed to learn something new that night. Perhaps he’ll consider making a wish the next time he notices the angel number on his clock.

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