Man may have found ‘dream girl’ after her impossible phone number challenge went viral

A man claimed his cousin’s “dream girl” reached out to him after a tweet involving their struggle to decipher her phone number went viral.

Twitter user @HenpeckedHal shared a tweet on Tuesday about his family member’s dating life, which read: “My 22 year old cousin met his dream girl at a bar and it’s going pretty well.”

In the post, the man shared the text conversation he had with his cousin who only got “most of a number” from a girl at a bar. The 22-year-old then sent a photo of the napkin that he allegedly received from a woman named Jackie.

While Jackie encouraged him to call her, the number she wrote wasn’t completed. The fourth and eighth digit in the ten digits were replaced by asterisks. At the bottom of the napkin, she wrote another asterisk and added: “Trust me, I’m worth it.”

During the family member’s conversation, the 22-year-old also sent an image of the phone number written out multiple times with the missing digits replaced by different numbers. Some of the phone numbers were crossed out to show which numbers he’d already contacted.

The next day, @HenpeckedHal shared another tweet to reveal that the woman from the bar allegedly contacted him. In the screenshot of her message, she wrote: “Heeeyyy, so you likely won’t see this but I’m Jackie from the tweet!”

The message continued with Jackie explaining what she’d say to the 22-year-old during the “next time [she] sees him”. @HenpeckedHal had cut the rest of the text off.

In response, @HenpeckedHal expressed his shock before writing: “I just talked to him! WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER???? He said he’s halfway through the list, which means he’s actually like 10 per cent of the way through it.”

The woman replied with: “He may not be be as clever as he thinks…give me HIS number, I’m taking over this operation.”

In a follow up tweet, @HenpeckedHal noted that he “crossed out that text because it was proof of their convo” and didn’t want to give out any personal information.

He also praised Jackie and critcised Twitter users who called her “arrogant” or “high maintenance” for not giving out her full number.

“These kids talked for an hour about a shared interest in true crime, mysteries, etc,” he wrote. “My cousin bragged that he always solves the case before the show ends (editor’s note: not this time). I think she’s awesome.”

He also thanked the social media users who tried to help him figure out what Jackie’s number was.

“The programmers who sent scripts and code, the excel junkies who sent me docs to share with my cousin, y’all are wild,” he added. “I couldn’t come close to getting back to everyone, but I appreciate it.”

As of 19 January, @HenpeckedHal’s two tweets have more than 21m views, with multiple Twitter users in the comments questioning if the story is true.

“How are people falling for this obviously made up story?” one wrote.

“Hate to be that guy but this is clearly fake. You can see the imprint of the note on the paper AND the numbers are identically written,” another added. “Hence, the same person wrote both. SMH.”


Other people said that they were still interested in learning more about Jackie and her apparent love interest.

“Honestly, the best story I’ve read in awhile. Wish these kids luck. Keep us posted!” one wrote.

“Freaking awesomeness!!! And it all started because of a napkin and pen,” another added.

The Independent has contacted @HenpeckedHal for comment.