Man makes bizarre find in grandma’s fridge nearly 3 years after her death

A man found the most bizarre thing in his grandma’s refrigerator two-and-a-half years after she passed away, and the discovery had jaws dropping all over TikTok.

Jacob (@jacobjcadwell) is a programmer and TikToker who shares videos about his everyday life. Jacob’s grandmother passed away two-and-a-half-years-ago, and in a recent video, he returned to her apartment to check on things. He was in for a real shock when he opened the refrigerator and found something truly strange: a water bottle with a green amoeba-like shape floating around in it.

The video begins with Jacob approaching his grandmother’s refrigerator and slowly opening the door. “My grandma’s been gone from this apartment for two-and-a-half years,” he writes in a caption. “What is this?”

“I found the most disturbing thing that I’ve ever seen,” Jacob says as he opens the refrigerator door wider, to reveal that it is completely empty except for one item. On the top shelf, sits a half-full Fiji brand water bottle with a strange green shape floating around in it.

Jacob zooms in to show that the shape is roughly spherical, with fuzzy tendrils sticking out of it. He begins to shake the bottle, showing how the tendrils float around as the water moves.

“Should I take a closer look?” Jacob asks as the video ends.

Viewers were shocked by Jacob’s video and speculated about what the shape could be.

Grandma has reincarnated as an amoeba,” one viewer suggested.

“Don’t open it please. I’m not ready for another quarantine,” commented another TikToker.

“It’s from the saliva of the last person who drank it. [It’s] breeding bacteria,” speculated another TikToker.

“Congrats, you have algae,” joked another TikToker.

What do you think is floating in the bottle?

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