Man Makes 'Art Gallery' Out of German Shepherd's Claw Scratches and It's a Masterpiece

Most dog owners know that our beloved pups can be a bit destructive at one time or another. Whether it's chewing up something they shouldn't, knocking over something with their happy tails, or drooling all over the living room upholstery, dog ownership can come with a lot of disorder to our happy homes.

Dog owner Richard Vars, hailing from Florida, knows firsthand the joy and mischief that comes with having a dog. Inspired by his rescue German Shepherd's excited habit of jumping on the windowsill, Richard decided to transform these dog-claw marks into a work of art.

A dog owner from Williston, Florida has turned his rescue german Shepherd dog's claw marks into art.<p>Richard Vars</p>
A dog owner from Williston, Florida has turned his rescue german Shepherd dog's claw marks into art.

Richard Vars

In case you were curious as to what the artist looks like, here is Radar.

The artist, at rest. <p>Richard Vars</p>
The artist, at rest.

Richard Vars

I spoke with Richard about how he came up with the idea of turning Radar's destruction into art and he said, "Anyone that knows us knows how our dogs are our kids. Radar loves to bark at the delivery people everyday and he's very animated when he does this. We didn't realize he was scratching up the windowsill in the dining room until a couple weeks ago. Apparently he's been working on this daily since we got him in September 2022. It made me think of those posts on Facebook where kids color all over a wall and the parent walks into a mess. I couldn't believe how gouged the wood was from his nails and rather than get upset I thought how can we make the most of it. I did some googling and found sample art gallery wall plaques and thought it would be funny to have one made to memorialize his work. It will always make me think of him and I'll never replace that windowsill."

This is such a touching idea. What a wonderful way to commemorate the love you have for a rescue dog!

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Radar was rescued in September of 2022 by the Vars family who met him through Rescue Rebels, a dog rescue out of Florida. When I asked Richard what his favorite quirks are about his gorgeous German Shepherd he was too happy to supply this list:

  • He loves his ball. There is never a time in our house or yard that he doesn't have one in reach. He has so many of these around the house and yard we've set up an Amazon subscribe and save to be sure he doesn't run out.

  • When he gets super happy he gallops all over the house with a huge smile on his face. He'll knock over anything in the way unless he decides to jump over it like our couch.

  • He loves when people come to visit. When someone pulls into the driveway he jumps on a window seat like a cat and barks until people wave to him.

  • Radar has what my wife calls a swishy tail when he's happy. We'll watch him through the window and he'll just stand in the yards with a huge smile and tail swishing back and forth. It's not a wag, it's something only he does. It almost seems like he knows he's safe now.

There's nothing as touching as when someone rescues a dog and loves him as much as the Vars family obviously does! I get it though, I mean look at this sweet face!

What a beautiful boy! <p>Richard Vars</p>
What a beautiful boy!

Richard Vars

The other things Richard loves about Radar? He told me, "I love his ears. They seem too big for his head but when they stand up I can't help but smile.
I love morning coffee on the deck everyday with him. He waits for me to wake up and noses at me to hurry up and get my coffee so we can go outside together. I get up an hour and a half early to have this time with him.
I love that he waits for me to get home in the window seat or outside the hallway door like he missed me. We're both so excited to see each other it can change a bad mood into a good one. I think he has superpowers.
I love that he gives the best hugs. He has a way of leaning into you and rubbing his head on your legs to show how much he appreciates his new life and what you mean to him. I love that we are both adopted and are living our happy ever after story together."

I don't know about you readers but now I have to go find the Kleenex.

Thank you to Radar for sharing your wonderful art with us and thank you to the Vars family for being such wonderful dog owners and reminding all of us how special dog rescue really is.

If you'd like to fall in love with your own soul dog, please visit your local Humane Society, animal shelter, or dog rescue in your area.

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