Man is tired of being the ‘sweetest’ guy that women stop dating: 'They’re letting you down gently'

A man shared that he’s sick of being dumped by women who tell him he’s the nicest guy they’ve ever met.

The author of the post took to Reddit’s “Dating Advice” forum to share his dating woes and ask for advice on how to keep women interested.

The man begins by revealing that the last three women he dated all broke up with him after three months. Unfortunately, the women didn’t give useful feedback when they broke up with him. Instead, they all complimented him, leaving him wondering what he’d done wrong. While they didn’t ghost him, as others have experienced, their actions are still leaving him with question marks.

Man on couch texting on phone.
Man on couch texting on phone.

“[They] tell me they don’t want to move forward in a relationship with me but I am the sweetest and nicest guy [they’ve] dated,” the hopeless romantic writes. “I can’t and don’t want to change but it’s just tiring being told I’m so good for them and then they don’t want anything more with me.”

The man goes on to share that he’s 29 years old and owns a bar. Even though he’s very busy with work, he always makes time for the women he’s dating. He also tries to plan special dates for them.

The man feels that he is an interesting person with a lot to offer. “I don’t believe I am boring,” he shares. “I have a few hobbies and other friends I see regularly.”

He also shares that he tries to be an enthusiastic partner without overwhelming or pressuring the women he is dating.

“I don’t overly compliment them but when they look nice or I notice something new about their appearance I make sure to say something,” he explains. “The sexual tension is always good. I make regular [casual] advances and don’t complain if they don’t feel like it that day or whatever.”

All in all, the man feels that he’s a good partner who treats his girlfriends well. He’s perplexed about being repeatedly dumped and, at the same time, told he’s a sweet guy.

“Sweet and nice isn’t a bad thing …”

People on Reddit shared helpful advice and encouraged the man to keep looking for someone who appreciates him.

“It sounds like you have a lot going for you. You’re young, you are a business owner, sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, and there are literally thousands if not millions of women who are looking for a man who is sweet, thoughtful, and caring,” one Redditor wrote. “You just have to weed out the ones who don’t.”

“A woman will sometimes use the ‘you’re too good for me’ [line] because they’re letting you down gently. It makes the process of ending things easier for them without going into explicit detail about why things really ended,” another user pointed out.

“Sweet and nice isn’t a bad thing but there’s something else you’re lacking that they either don’t know or don’t feel comfortable telling you directly. You gotta do some soul searching and find out what that is,” advised another Redditor.

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