Dad goes viral for copying his newborn daughter’s ‘milk drunk’ faces in funny video

Elise Solé
Josh Hawkins, an Australian dad and comedian, is going viral for imitating his newborn daughter. (Photo: Instagram/Hi Josh)
Josh Hawkins, an Australian dad and comedian, is going viral for imitating his newborn daughter. (Photo: Instagram/Hi Josh)

A comedian dad is already trolling his newborn daughter by imitating her “milk drunk” faces in a skit with 35 million Facebook views.

Josh Hawkins of Sydney, Australia is the father of a seven-week-old baby girl named Billie Day whom he and his wife are “pretty obsessed with,” the 35-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle. As a former pastor-turned-comedian, Hawkins is known for his videos on knife-throwing and recaps on The Bachelorette, and the newest — a compilation of him mimicking his daughter’s relaxed expressions after feedings — is his most endearing.

In the social media clip posted this week, Hawkins split-screened videos of his daughter making the sweetest faces after drinking milk, nailing her started expressions, yawns, and heart-melting smiles — all wearing a pink headband, a bib, and a leopard-print hoodie. “Copying my daughter's milk drunk faces is my new full time job,” Hawkins wrote on Facebook.

“I love making faces,” Hawkins tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “So, after my daughter would hit the milk bar and get herself milk drunk, she would pull the funniest faces and her eyes would go every which way. I captured that on my phone and built up quite the collection.”

Hawkin is famous for his facial expressions — this week, a video he made imitating President Donald Trump’s mannerisms earned him 4.3 million views on Facebook.

Crediting his wife as the “creative director” and “props queen,” making sure his outfits matched that of the little girl, Hawkins says she approved every facial twitch. “It was like a beautifully choreographed dance,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Each face was practiced, shoot, and re-shot to ensure accuracy. “Most people like it, but the majority have said, ‘Cute but creepy,’” says Hawkins. “I understand that.”

Hawkins is definitely on a roll. “I have a newborn-sized Koala outfit on the way — all I need is a tree costume,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Who knows how Billie Day will react to this once she realizes her dad is a doofus but hey, that’s for future Josh to worry about.”

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