Man has been fake proposing to his wife in public for years: ‘This is so wholesome and hilarious’

TikToker and husband Derrick (@derricksfunny) has been pranking his wife by pretending to propose to her in public for years.

Derrick’s favorite way to prank his wife, Kelly, is by surprising her with a marriage proposal in public places — even though the couple has been happily married for years. In a hilarious video, Derrick shared a compilation of his fake proposals and it had TikTokers cracking up.

The video begins with Derrick at a restaurant with Kelly and a group of friends. Derrick grasps his wife by the hand and kneels in front of her chair. Immediately, Kelly picks up on what’s happening.

“Oh no, not again!” she says, trying to get out of her husband’s grasp as he attempts to clasp her hands in his.

“Kelly, you’re my best friend,” Derrick says, still trying to grab his wife’s hands. “Will you please join me in holy matrimony?”

“Stop, stop,” Kelly says, laughing at her husband as he “proposes.”

“Say yes, please!” Derrick says.

“Come on,” Kelly replies.

But Derrick ignores her. “She said yes” he exclaims, standing up and kissing his wife’s hand as other restaurant customers begin to applaud.

Then the video cuts to Kelly and Derrick on a different day. They are wandering through an amusement park, when Derrick suddenly grasps Kelly by the hand and kneels down in front of her.

“You’re my best friend,” he says again. “I can’t live without you. Will you marry me?”

Another day, at another amusement park, Derrick proposes again. He holds his wife by the hand and launches into his proposal speech.

“You’re my best friend,” he says again. “I love you so much. Will you be my wife?”

In the final “proposal,” Derrick adds an emotional twist. He has purchased an actual ring for his wife! Kelly is lying on the beach at sunset when Derrick approaches and kneels in front of her.

“You’re my best friend and I love you and I want to marry you,” he says. Then he opens a box to reveal the ring he has purchased for his wife.

“She said yes!” Derrick exclaims as the video ends.

TikTok viewers couldn’t get enough of the fake proposals

Viewers were cracking up at the hilarious husband and wife.

“This is so good,” one viewer wrote.

“The long con,” joked another viewer.

“This is so wholesome and hilarious,” wrote another TikToker.

Derrick’s proposals might be a joke, but they clearly come from a place of real love!

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