Man Hailed a Hero for Rescuing Abandoned Dog He Spotted From His High-Rise Window

Sometimes, it can be difficult to trust the people in this world. So many sad things happen every day, but then there are stories like this one out of Austin, Texas, that restore my faith in humanity again. It all began simply because one man spotted a dog in need atop a parking garage and decided not to ignore him.

Others may have assumed that the dog's owners were nearby since he could be seen wearing a leash and harness, but Patrick Madl knew something was amiss. He didn't hesitate to rescue the seemingly abandoned dog, and now his TikTok viewers are calling him a hero. Check out everything that went down on January 24:

Good eye, Patrick! Not everyone would've been able to spot the stray dog wandering on the roof of the parking structure, but he was able to see that no one was there with the dog. So, naturally, he went to help!

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Commenters are thrilled to know that the big dog is safe, hydrated, and well-rested after his mystery adventure. But where did he come from? After @patrickmadll made sure the pup was safe and healthy, he got in touch with the local animal shelter Austin Pets Alive. It turns out that this sneaky pup is an established shelter resident named Berenstein, though if you ask me they should rename him Houdini! He had escaped from his temporary foster parent shortly before the young man spotted him from his high rise.

As commenter and shelter worker @maddysucks_ explained, "He was staying with a short-term foster and supposedly got loose. The creator of this video found him and helped him get back to us!" She continued, "His name is Bernstein; he is at Austin Pets Alive! He’s safe now and very loved by his shelter friends but would love a home."

What To Do If You Find a Lost Pet

If you think you may have located someone's missing pet, start by checking for a collar or ID tag. If there are none, most veterinary offices and animal shelters can use a tool to check for a microchip. If there is one, the owner will be contacted!

If there's also no microchip, you'll still need to make an effort to help connect the lost dog with their owner. You can enlist the help of a shelter or try this on your own, but anything from flyers to social media could get the word out to the right person.

Patrick followed these steps when he found Berenstein, and now the dog is safe and sound, exactly where he needs to be. Now, all that's left is to find the Black Mouth Cur a forever home he won't escape from!

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