Man Goes Viral for Dressing Like His Dog and People Can't Get Enough

Ultimate Fashion Face-Off: Man vs. Dog - Who Wore It Better?

Some of the funniest instances of owners dressing like their dogs have been captured on social media and we don't think we'll ever get sick of seeing canine companions dressed in human clothes.  From full-on cosplay or Halloween costumes to simple matching t-shirts, there's no shortage of creativity when it comes to dog-and-owner fashion. Or matching dog-and-owner hairstyles.

TikTok user @Andyleeman decided to try his hand at this trend, and posted a hilarious clip to TikTok which feels like a total 'Who wore it better?' moment. Watch the following and cast your vote!

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The video description reads: When you pull up to the club wearing the same outfit as your dog and we don't think that twinning ever looked so cute!

TikTok users love this stylish pair but they can't help turning this twinning moment into a competition. @Terri comments, "Dog wore it better. Sorry. Not sorry." @Sarahshade adds, "This is hands down the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life!" It's pretty darn adorable! @SeaChild replies, "Your videos ALWAYS make me laugh and put a smile on my face. What the world needs so never stop!" @Serenity is here for this, and responds, "OMG the doggy wearing the shoes is so cute lol!"

We think both Teddy and his owner look pretty dapper, but our vote will have to go with the dog. It's the tongue blep for us.

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