Man faces major backlash after excluding his wife from his birthday party: ‘It sounds like you don’t actually care’

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A man didn’t invite his wife to his birthday party, and he’s wondering if he should cancel the event.

He shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******?” forum. His wife doesn’t like his group of friends. To get around the issue, he decided to throw himself a birthday party and exclude her from it entirely. Now she is furious he wouldn’t invite her.

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“I love my wife,” he wrote. “However, she has some insecurities when it comes to my group of friends. She claims it feels like I enjoy myself much more when I’m with them than with her. She also says one of my friends has a crush on me which makes her uneasy.”

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“It’s going to be my birthday next Thursday, and my wife has asked me several times what my plans are and what would make me happy. I finally told my wife that I would be having dinner with her and my folks on Thursday, dinner exclusively with her on Friday, and throwing a party with my friends on Saturday, while she can stay at home and sleep.”

But his wife wasn’t exactly excited about her exclusion from his birthday plans.

“She got super upset about this because ‘it makes her sad how in eight years, I have never organized a partyno matter how much she insistedbecause I hate my birthday (it’s true). But now, with these friends, I’m excited and organizing a party that won’t even include her.’ I told her I DID include her by being with her on Thursday and Friday. And if she had asked me to come, I would have said yes,” he explained.

“Then I told her that I [would] rather avoid a problem with her and that I was going to cancel the party. She thought about it and said I was probably right and that she shouldn’t be so upset. She said she didn’t want to ruin my birthday and that I could go on with the party plans. But now I’m not so sure. Should I cancel this party? She won’t be coming to this party because she has to work on that day.”

Redditors weighed in on the issue.

“It sounds like you don’t actually care much about including your wife with this friend group,” a user wrote.

“I wonder where she gets the insecurities around you having more fun with them than her?” another said.

“Your poor wife. The damage is already done,” someone added.

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