Man faces backlash after calling out sister-in-law’s ‘inappropriate’ outfit: ‘He now knows not to mess with you’


A woman stood up to her brother-in-law over his sexist comments. Now, her family is furious with her.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her brother-in-law’s marriage ended because of his controlling behavior toward women. So when he decided to make remarks about her body, she called him out in front of everyone.

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“So my brother-in-law (BIL) was married to a woman from Greece,” she wrote. “Her name is Nana, and the reason for their divorce was because of how much my conservative BIL tried to control her clothes and the places she went.”

“This happened two years ago. He now moved back with my in-laws. He tried to comment on how I dress on multiple occasions, and it’s unbearable. But since my in-laws said he’s struggling and depressed then, I let it go. On Friday, my in-laws celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday at their home. I wore a heart-shaped blue dress and had my hair up.”

Her brother-in-law then made it a point to comment on her body and outfit.

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“While we were eating, my BIL pointed at me and said that my cleavage was showing and that I shouldn’t have worn this dress because it looked inappropriate for a family gathering,” she explained. “I was utterly shocked. Everyone was staring at me, and I felt so embarrassed and on the spot.”

“He looked at me, waiting for me to blow up probably, but I laughed and told him, ‘Knock, knock!’ He said, ‘Who’s there?’ I said, ‘Nana.’ Now, he paused and seemed confused at the mention of this name. He then faked a laugh and said, ‘Nana, who?’ I said, ‘Nana, your goddamn business what I’m wearing, ok!’ He got upset and quickly left the table. My SILs laughed, but my husband and his parents were upset and later said that I was way out of line for bringing up Nana to my BIL, knowing how heartbroken and depressed he is because of her.”

Redditors believed the brother-in-law was out of line.

“You handled it perfectly. He now knows not to mess with you,” a person wrote.

“He drove his wife away by trying to police her clothes, and he has the sheer nerve to bring that subject up with you?” another said.

“The husband should have shut this down the first time,” she commented.

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