Man is enraged when girlfriend refuses to sell her taxidermy collection: ‘Move on to another hobby’

A man thinks his girlfriend should sell her taxidermy collection before they move in.

He shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His girlfriend collects animal skulls. Now that they plan on moving in together, he expects her to sell her entire collection.

“When we started dating a few years ago I assumed she would get over it and move on to another hobby at some point but that hasn’t happened,” he wrote.

When they were moving in, she texted him about where her belongings should go. He told her to sell her taxidermy collection. She thought he was joking, but when she realized he wasn’t, they got into an argument.

“Things got heated and I let her know that I thought it was a weird hobby and it had no place in the house,” he wrote. “After more arguing she called me childish and two faced.”

The collection cost her a lot of money and she doesn’t want to sell it. He won’t drop the issue and now she is second-guessing living with him.

Redditors felt the boyfriend needed to manage his expectations.

“It is not a childish hobby – taxidermy and comparative anatomy are literally professions and areas of study,” a user said.

“You assumed she would get over it…. I assume she will get over you honestly,” another wrote.

“You’ve belittled her hobby and shown your true colors to her,” a person commented.

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