Man DIYs Entire Faux Fireplace for Only $500


If you know anything about home renovations, then you know that there are some projects that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you're wanting to get an entire fireplace installed into your living room, you're looking at a cost of close to $30,000. And that's just for one element of your home!

This Instagram user wanted the luxury feel of a fireplace in his master bedroom but was not about to spend $30,000 so instead he decided to try it the good old fashioned DIY way. To build this faux fireplace, he only needed a new tools, some wood, paint, an electric fireplace, and a whole lot of patience but eventually he got it done. He was able to get this entire project completed for around $600, which is so inexpensive compared to the normal installation prices. Watch below to see how he did it!

Instagram creator and handyman Mordecai (@mordecaithebuilder) built his very own custom faux fireplace out of basic hardware store supplies and this is exactly how he did it.

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Granted, Mordecai did already have an electric fireplace and TV on hand so that definitely helped lessen the finances of this project. And instead of just building a basic fireplace frame, Mordecai decided to build out an entire wall section just for this entertainment center and though it was a big project to take on, he completely nailed it.

His first task was building up the frame which he did using 2x4s which cost him a total of $45. He divided the frame basically into thirds and kept the top two thirds together while dividing the bottom third into more of a horizontal section to eventually fit the fireplace.

On top of the frame, Mordecai decided to go with a shiplap cover and those nine shiplap pieces cost him $185. He left a section open towards the bottom for the fireplace and filled up the rest. He also noted that he spent about $20 on all the nails he used for this project.

Once the shiplap was up, he painted the entire thing a deep blue which only took one $35 gallon of paint. Now all he had to do was put everything together!

Once the fireplace was installed, he also took a solid piece of cedar wood and sanded it down for the mantle, which cost him about $135. He mounted the TV on top, the mantle in the center, and the fireplace on the bottom.

The final reveal is absolutely breathtaking. We can't believe he built this all by hand! His room now looks like a hotel.

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