Man suspects he's 'being lied to' after never seeing anyone at new apartment complex: 'There's something going on here'

A man on TikTok has hooked millions of viewers with his multipart saga to figure out if he is the only tenant in his apartment complex.

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Cody (@atlcody) kicked off the series at the end of October after first becoming suspicious that the building he lived in wasn’t actually full like he was told.

“They say the building’s full, but I never see anyone here,” he says in the clip. “Are you really telling me people live here, but no one on my floor has come in or out of their building in three days?”

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Cody pieced this theory together after watching an employee from a local restaurant leave menus in the crack of each unit’s door on a Friday. Days later, Cody realized a large number of the menus were still in the doorframe — meaning nobody had been leaving or coming into the units for that entire time period.

“What is going on here?” he asks in the video. “Seriously, I’m being lied to. There’s something going on here.”

In a follow-up video two days after his first post, Cody showed followers menus were still in the doors.

“I don’t get it,” he adds. “I live in a nice part of town, in a [demanding] market, and my building is a good building — especially for the price. So, how are they vacant?”

Then, in another video, Cody decided to take the advice of a commenter and check out the parking lot.

“I live on the first floor, so the only people who are supposed to park here are people who live on my floor,” he explains. “There are more cars here than there are apartments. Some of these cars don’t look like they’ve moved for a while.”

Cody then records a black car clearly covered in dust in one of the parking spots. After going to every floor, Cody films the top of the parking lot, which is completely empty.

“I live in Atlanta,” he emphasizes, “In the heart of Midtown. Do you know how rare it is to find empty parking spaces in a building?”

Commenters seemed split between being equally as creeped out as Cody and coming up with reasonable explanations.

“Plot twist: it’s an abandoned apartment complex, and he’s a ghost but doesn’t know it,” one joked.

“You’ve unwittingly become someone’s test subject in some kind of experiment,” another proposed.

“Percentage leased and percentage occupied are two very different things,” a commenter pointed out.

“They’re investor-owned units that are held but empty in order to artificially inflate demand and reduce supply,” someone suggested.

For now, we’ll just have to keep watching Cody’s TikTok to get to the bottom of it.

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