Man Claims Wife’s Conservatorship is Preventing Her From Doing What She Wants With Her Own Money

Robert claims that his wife’s conservatorship is controlling every aspect of their lives. “Sarah can’t do what she wants to do with her own money,” Robert says. Sarah received a $5.1 million medical malpractice settlement at age 4, but instead of her receiving the money at 18, or a designated age, the 36-year-old claims family members tried to control the money -- and her. Now, Sarah's money is under the control of an irrevocable conservatorship, which she agreed to. “If we have a repair, then we wait for the judge,” Robert says. “So while we’re waiting for the judge to approve, we’ve got kids living here in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and I don’t like that.” What does Robert claim the lawyers accuse him of? And, why does Sarah say she agreed to the conservatorship? Hear what they say in the video above. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "My Conservatorship Keeps Me from My Millions," Sarah, who says she has been told that she is "mentally disabled" and has brain damage and that’s why she can’t have control of her money, meets with Dr. Charles Sophy, child and family psychiatrist, for an evaluation. What does it reveal? Plus, eldercare and estate planning attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza weighs in. Check local listings to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help?