Man claims ex hacked his Apple Watch before they were dating to stage a ‘meet cute’

TikToker Robby (@thesephew) claims that his ex hacked the Apple Watch he purchased from her before they started dating to set up a “chance encounter.” Viewers are divided over whether this staged “meet cute” is endearing or creepy.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed how people date. While some developments have made the quest for love more convenient, others have made it more complicated. Robby attests to this notion in a video he posted to TikTok, where he shares that his ex-girlfriend hacked his Apple Watch before they knew each other to orchestrate a “meet cute.” Interestingly enough, viewers were split in their opinions over this woman’s courtship method.

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The clip opens in response to TikToker Cam’s (@camkobo) prompt about weird or annoying things people’s exes have done in relationships. While Cam’s ex flicking her used contact lenses into his room certainly qualifies as aggravating, Robby’s experience sounds like the plot of a psychological thriller.

“My ex worked at Apple, and she hacked my Apple Watch before I had ever met her just so she could track my location and ‘accidentally’ get in line right behind me at Space Mountain,” Robby relays.

“What I thought was like this cool, ‘meet cute’ chance encounter was actually like an episode of You,” Robby says, referring to the series about an obsessive man who stalks his love interests.

TikTokers debate obsession level

While some viewers were just as creeped out as Robby over the situation, others considered the woman’s approach endearing.

“I think I would go into the witness protection program,” one user mentioned.

“This is next-level effort,” one TikToker noted.

“If someone isn’t obsessed with me from the jump like this, I don’t want it,” one viewer declared.

“All these people here saying ‘I would do the same’ are freaking me out. Stalking isn’t cute. It’s scary,” one user wrote.

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