Man calls out problematic scene in Netflix cult-classic film: 'Awful example'

A problematic scene in the popular Netflix movie “The Kissing Booth” is being called out for its apparent normalization of one of the main character’s violent tendencies. British blogger and comedian Ryan Maxwell explained the damaging effects of a scene in which the two main characters — Elle Evans and Noah Flynn — fight during a beach bonfire . Noah, a “reformed” bad-boy who has well-documented anger issues, loses his temper and hits another one of the film’s male characters. This causes an upset Elle to leave, but Noah chases his girlfriend to the parking lot while shouting, “just get in the car, Elle”. She ignores him and keeps walking, to which the character slams his fist on his car and repeats his demand louder. Elle freezes in her steps as her face turns white, and then … she complies without further dispute. Of course, nothing negative befalls Elle, but in real life, a protagonist such as herself might not prove so lucky. Maxwell believes the movie’s romanticization of such controlling, violent behavior sets “an awful example for young girls”