The Man Behind Lizzo's Makeup Looks on Her Surprising Aftershow Beauty Ritual

When I try to imagine what it would be like working with Lizzo, I picture a lot of laughing and fulfilling girl talk that would leave me feeling completely energized and ready to conquer the world. As it turns out, according to her go-to makeup artist Alexx Mayo, I'm not that far off.

Mayo and Lizzo have been working together for about three years now, and the opportunity that set it all in motion kind of popped up out of the blue. "[Lizzo was] planning on shooting a couple of music videos and the makeup artist who was working with her at the time wasn't available for both videos," he told POPSUGAR. "My friend who was her assistant at the time called me up and asked me if I was available, and it just so happened that it turned out to be for the music video for "Water Me", which was super exciting." Mayo had heard a few of her songs but he really didn't know much about what she stood for and the "whole story," as he puts it.

"When I met her, we instantly had this connection," said Mayo. "I instantly felt like we've known each other for so long. We immediately were laughing and she understood all my references within the first 10 minutes - that's always a good sign."

That was in 2017 - before Lizzo was plunged into the spotlight with "Truth Hurts" on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2019. "It just feels really rewarding to be able to contribute to her music and her brand," said Mayo. "And I think that I feel very grateful and very fortunate to have been on this journey with her."

Keep reading to hear what it's like having the dream job of being Lizzo's makeup artist and learn all about Mayo's insider beauty tips.

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