Man Arrested at Drake’s Mansion for Trespassing Claims the Rapper Is His Father

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Photo:  Arthur Mola/Invision (AP)
Photo: Arthur Mola/Invision (AP)

First, you have people acting like Drake, and now you have people claiming to be the 6God’s son.

On July 15, a man was seen near the pool house of Drake’s new Los Angeles residence in Beverly Hills. The man never made it inside the mansion, but when officers arrived at the scene and questioned him, he claimed that Aubrey was his father and he was just waiting for him to come home. How cute? He was then arrested for misdemeanor trespassing, according to TMZ.

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While it may not be out of the question to wonder if Drake is hiding a son, it seems like a stretch considering the man is 23 and Drizzy is 35.

The “Jimmy Cooks” rapper bought the home from English singer/songwriter Robbie Williams in February for more than $70 million. In June, he sold his three-house “YOLO Estate” in Hidden Hills for $12 million, according to TMZ.

The Sticky” rapper was not at home as he was dealing with his own run-in with the police in Sweden. People around his team originally denied the run-in, but in an Instagram post, Drake posted a photo of what appeared to be a printout of Swedish detainee rights, confirming he had a confrontation with Swedish police.

Like always, Drake has been in the news a lot lately. This year alone, the rapper was sued for copyright infringement along with Chris Brown for their hit record “No Guidance,” although he was later dropped from the lawsuit. He secured a massive $400 million deal with Universal Music Group which includes recordings, publishing, merchandise and visual media projects.

But, the biggest news of all was Drake releasing his seventh studio album, Honestly, Nevermind. To many fans’ surprise, it was a dance album, which got many interesting reviews from critics and fans alike.