Mama Duck Explores Streets of Portland With 10 Ducklings in Tow

A family of ducks took in the sights and sounds of Portland, Oregon, as they explored the city on April 4.

Footage by photographer Walden Kirsch shows the mother duck waddling through Portland’s Pearl District with her 10 adorable ducklings in tow.

According to an Instagram post by Kirsch, the ducks wandered from Tanner Springs Park, through city streets, across the Burlington Northern railroad tracks, and across NW Naito Parkway, before finally taking a dip in the pool at the Waterfront Pearl condos.

“Not pictured here: Walden stopping at least one southbound Tesla to ensure mom and chicks’ venture ended well. Which it did,” he said in the post. Credit: Walden Kirsch via Storyful

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