Mama Basset Hound's Swift Reaction to Hearing Her Puppy Bark From Afar Is Too Sweet

As most puppies grow up, they find homes, owners, and lives of their very own. Most dogs don't see their parents after they're weaned and adopted, but a lucky few do get to grow up with their canine family by their side. Bowser the Basset Hound is one of those pups!

The tiny little hound dog lives with his owner, Victoria, next door to both of their parents and let's just say--it has its perks! Not only does Bowser get plenty of love and affection in his own home, but all he has to do is bark to call his mama over, too!

Victoria captured the priceless moment on January 25 when Bowser's little bark sent his mom running across the lawn to see him. Clearly, this doting mom knows the sound of her baby when she hears him, and she's running as fast as her little legs can carry her!

Stop it--that's the cutest thing! It's sweet enough that Victoria's parents gave her and her kids a puppy, but the fact that the puppy and mama have such a close relationship is the cherry on top. I don't think this could ever get old!

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Clearly, @victoriawalkergas is used to the four-legged shenanigans from these Basset Hounds because Mama made herself at home with her too!

She shared in a comment, "his momma used to just come in my house when we had a doggy door, and we would find her asleep on the couch." LOL! This gal sounds like the queen of getting comfy, and I sure hope her son inherits this very important trait.

At What Age Do Puppies Tend to Leave Their Moms?

Most of the time, pups will rely on their moms for as long as they need to nurse--or until she decides she's done! Some mama dogs will begin to discourage their pups from nursing around the 7 to 10-week mark, but others will start to show signs that they're over it sooner than that. And since puppies begin to develop teeth around a month old, who can blame their mamas for being done?

Before this happens, though, puppy owners should start to offer their pup some food in addition to mother's milk. This will help the transition feel a lot easier and more familiar to the puppies. You'll likely have to start by watering down puppy food and mashing it into a gruel.

Once puppies are fully weaned, they're ready to be adopted! This can be a bittersweet occasion for everyone, but when a pup doesn't move very far away, it's practically a dream come true.

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