Maltipoo Illustrates the Hilarious Reality of Letting a Dog Outside in the Fall


Every dog owner knows how important it is to let our beloved fur babies have outdoor time. It's great for burning off energy, the fresh air does wonders for helping a dog fall into a calm slumber, and it's just plain good old fashioned exercise.

But every dog owner also knows the reality of letting our pups out into the yard during the fall, and this little Maltipoo is a perfect example of what happens after our dogs ask to be let inside.

The hilarious and all-too-relatable video was shared by the TikTok account for @shayknightspeaks, and TikTok users have all been there and done that. It's just amazing how this little girl walks right back outside and shakes the leaves right off until she is all clean.

@Flexin comments, "This is proof that dogs understand exactly what we’re saying." That is so true! When her mama tells her to leave the leaves outside it really does look like she understands what she is supposed to do! @Mindsomebody hilariously adds, "She said..fine dang. I was gone decorate for Christmas." LOL, she is in charge of the Thanksgiving centerpiece this year!

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@Queen responds, "Now this made me laugh. The fact that she shook them off like that." @Rhedz replies, "Some people would think animals don't understand when you talk but they 100% do. They learn in the languages of their owners and that I find amazing.."

My dog needs to take some lessons from this dog. When my dog plays outside in the leaves he somehow manages to crush the leaves so they are just broken up leaves all trapped in his fur. At least the little girl above has her leaves intact! 

I guess I just have to wait until it snows and then when he plays in the snow it will be easier for him just to shake it off!

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