Malnourished Puppy Abandoned in Porta-Potty in Indiana

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An 8-week-old malnourished puppy was found abandoned in a porta-potty in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The neglected pup had his ribs and spine showing, with overgrown nails and paws stained with urine. The canine was scared when he first arrived at the shelter. However, after some love and care, he opened his heart to his rescuers and has been a “wiggly angel” since, per a Facebook post by Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.

Malnourished puppy found abandoned in porta-potty in Fort Wayne

On May 3, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC) shared a story of a puppy they rescued from a porta-potty. Unfortunately, the abandoned puppy was neglected and malnourished, with his rib cage and spine showing. The shelter will nurse the dog back to health with a strict feeding plan before he is up for adoption. So, they aren’t sure when he will be up for adoption, per WILX.

In a recent update, the FWACC shared the name they are going with for the 8-week-old pup. The canine will be going by the name Louie, which translates to “famous warrior,” per their Facebook post. Louie is thriving under foster care, slowly gaining weight until he is completely healthy. Additionally, in his foster home, Louie is surrounded by fellow fosters, who can help with his socialization.

The FWACC’s medical team’s primary concern is Louie’s weight. They must be mindful not to feed him too much too quickly and disrupt his digestive system. Despite all that the puppy has been through, he is reportedly a ball of sunshine who loves curling up in his caregiver’s lap. The shelter will provide regular updates on their Facebook page as Louie progresses in his weight gain journey.

The shelter relies on its Angel Fund to properly care for the canine. Anybody can donate to help support the animals under the FWACC’s care, with the fund providing lifesaving medical care until they are ready for their forever homes.

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