Makeup-Obsessed Vlogger Isn’t Allowing Homophobic Comments to Get the Best of Him

Male beauty vlogger loves makeup and won’t let homophobic comments affect him
Antonio Bermudez loves makeup and isn’t letting homophobic haters change that. (Photo: Twitter/antoniobtwo)

As demonstrated on many of his social media outlets, Antonio Bermudez clearly has a passion for makeup. But one recent look stood out because it came with a powerful message, which has gone viral.

On Twitter, he shared a photo of himself with well-groomed eyebrows, an array of vibrant red, gold, and pink eyeshadow, and an overall golden-highlighted glow. While his close-up selfies would have been enough to steal the show, his caption is what really stood out: “I love makeup and no amount of homophobic comments will change that. I’ll keep shining, inspired by nature’s sunrise.”

Bermudez’s post has been liked nearly 10,000 times, and the number keeps rising. Reacting to his touching photo, one person commented: “Ugh you are so good at it. You look like sunrise embodied. You look like magic. Never stop.” Another supportive follower wrote, “Peace brother. Love your bravery and courage. We all stand together against hate and bigotry.”

There were many more who shared the same sentiments:

Even megabrand Maybelline virtually applauded Bermudez:

Yahoo Beauty spoke with Bermudez to find out why he felt the need to share his personal post. “I receive hate every single day,” he says. “It never really bothers me, but I know that there are people that it does bother. I just wanted to send the message to people in the LGBT community in general not to let homophobic people get to them or stop them from doing what they love.”

The 18-year-old beauty vlogger’s obsession with makeup is fairly new. Bermudez recalls covering up a pimple with foundation before going to his prom in 2016. He then slowly began using more makeup, and now does a full face. “I started doing eyeshadow two months ago,” he adds.

While explaining his passion for makeup and rising above homophobic comments, Bermudez explains that makeup “makes me feel pretty. When I wear makeup, I feel like Superman, and I’m kind of invincible to what anyone says. Even without makeup, I’ve had to learn over time that no one’s opinion or perception matters.”

The Las Vegas-based teenager has also personally come into contact with hurtful homophobic comments, including “you’re not a man,” and “you’re going to hell.” But he isn’t allowing negativity to change how he feels about makeup — and believes others should follow suit. “I am perfectly normal, so the homophobic people are either just filled with hate or struggle with their sexuality themselves,” he says. “I just brush it off and live life.”

“I hope that people will be strong, never let anyone stop them from doing what they love, and never care about what people’s perception of them is,” says Bermudez. “Negativity will always exist, but you’ll always receive more positivity and that should override the bad.”

Thanks to the likes of “beauty boys” such as James Charles and Manny Gutierrez, men wearing makeup has become more celebrated and socially accepted than in years past — and Bermudez is definitely helping to shift perceptions, as well as encourage others to rise above the haters.

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