Makeup brand 'extremely sorry' for liquid blush name

Hong Kong-based company Woke Up Like This (WULT) is in hot water after releasing its “Face Dab” collection of liquid blushes. all named after “inspiring, famous women in hopes to inspire WULT customers to live their dreams and break through gender barriers”. The different blush names included Virginia Woolf (“In Woolf’s Words”), Melinda Gates (“Lift Like Melinda”) and Frida Kahlo (“Viva La Frida”). But it was the decision to release a “Dream Like Anne” color in honor of Anne Frank that’s stirring up controversy from around the world. “Naming a shade of blush after Anne Frank, who was a victim of genocide is revolting”. “@timeouthk, shame on you for not noticing and for promoting this disrespect. Ben M. Freeman (@BenMFreeman),” — Twitter. WULT released an apology and removed the “Dream Like Anne” blush from its website. Anne Frank is one of the most well-known victims of the Jewish Holocaust after the posthumous publication of her diary in 1947