Since launching in 2012, MAKERS has worked to accelerate equity by sharing stories of real-life experiences that ignite passion and action.

In 2021, we didn't host a MAKERS Conference in person—we doubled down. Instead of one event we hosted three virtual experiences that featured a mix of the MAKERS magic: inspiring speakers, engaging video and audio profiles, essential conversations, and more, built for the MAKERS Community with content then shared far and wide. Our intention was to take our community on a journey over the year, creating a sense of belonging as we advocate for equality together.

On February 9, we welcomed the 2021 MAKERS Community Members to the 2021 Kickoff event. May 4-6 we held the 2021 MAKERS Conference, an interactive event that continued to break through barriers, push boundaries, and spark lasting change. Our third event, to close out the year, took place on November 3. All the segments from these virtual events are below! We encourage you to watch them, share them and let us know what you think by posting on social media and tagging us @MAKERSWomen.

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A special thank you to our MAKERS 2021 Conference sponsors. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

The 2021 MAKERS Conference Finale

The 2021 MAKERS Conference

The 2021 MAKERS Kickoff


The MAKERS corporate partnership program connects executives at the forefront of equity initiatives, impacting real change at work and beyond. It’s a platform for companies to celebrate outstanding employees aligned with this mission and provide them with the tools and inspiration to make an impact on their organization and society at large. To learn more, please contact
  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Tracy Keim

    VP, Consumer Marketing and Brand

  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Christie Smith

    Senior Managing Director - Strategy & Consulting, Talent & Organization/Human Potential Global Lead

  • MAKERS Board Member

    Elise James-DeCruise

    Chief Equity Officer

  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Laura Zelenko

    Senior Executive Editor

  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Meera Krishnamurthy

    Senior Vice President and Strategic Business Unit leader for Insurance, North America

  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Kasha Cacy

    Global Chief Executive Officer

  • MAKERS Board Member:

    Michelle Klein

    VP Global Customer Marketing