MAKERS Not Done Documentary Trailer

NOT DONE: Women Remaking America, a MAKERS film by Verizon Media and McGee Media, and proudly supported by P&G, chronicles the seismic eruption of women's organizing from the 2016 election through today and the intersectional fight for equality that has now gone mainstream. Like the movement it documents, this story is told collectively: through the firsthand experiences and narratives of frontline activists, writers, celebrities, artists, and politicians who are remaking culture, policy, and most radically, our notions about gender.

Video Transcript

AMERICA FERRERA: I didn't know that I was going to be the opening speaker at the March in Washington, DC. I don't think anybody knew what we were walking into, other than the feeling that it was necessary and we had to be there.

KIMBERLÉ CRENSHAW: I see this as a moment of taking feminism back. Making feminism a project that all of us can share.

- Black lives, what?

- Black Lives Matter!

- Black lives, what?

PATRISSE CULLORS-BRIGNAC: When I put the hashtag in front of Black Lives Matter, I was like, we're going to make this thing go viral.

JODI KANTOR: I still remember the exact moment when we hit the publish button.

MEGAN TWOHEY: We kind of watched with wonder as the story started to take off like wildfire.

TARANA BURKE: Everybody's like, oh, good! Look! Now we have a movement. And I'm like, nah, #MeToo is a tiny part of a large movement that's been happening for decades.

SHONDA RHIMES: I got a call, saying, a bunch of us are going to gather. Do you want to come over and join us? I said, yes. 'Cause I was mad.

JILL SOLOWAY: This was before we even had the name, TIME'S UP.

TINA TCHEN: Someone may have slammed their hand on the table and said, time's up on all of this behavior. And then it was like, oh, that's our name.

PATRISSE CULLORS-BRIGNAC: There's a renaissance that's happening inside of Hollywood.

SHONDA RHIMES: I remember calling my attorney and saying, like, if I say this, are we sure that it's true?

On behalf of women everywhere, I will brag. I am the highest paid showrunner in television.


LAUREN UNDERWOOD: The United States Congress certainly was not built for young women. But it's really young women of color who have pushed forward for so many changes. And that has just turned the power dynamics here on Capitol Hill on its head.

ALICIA GARZA: The world and this country is changing. It's been changed. And I think that we have an opportunity, this time, to do it right.

- Say her name!

- Say her name!

KIMBERLÉ CRENSHAW: There are some people who think that we are post-civil rights, we are post-feminism, and therefore, we're post-intersectional. I can't see how we're post-anything. And I can't see how we can possibly think we're done.