Major Changes Are Coming To The Starbucks Menu Soon

Major Changes Are Coming To The Starbucks Menu Soon

It was just a few weeks ago when Starbucks' new CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, said that he would be taking on a barista shift each month, and already he's announced a few changes that need to be made. On Tuesday, he detailed potential plans for the coffee chain during his first earnings call.

One concern in particular he'd like to take on is cups. Specifically, he wants to make them cheaper and more sustainable. Narasimhan also shared a fun fact about the shocking number of lid-and-cup combinations at Starbucks.

"Currently, we have over 1,500 cup and lid combinations across our network," said Narasimhan, according to Yahoo! News. "As we streamline, we will create a portfolio of fewer, more sustainable and less costly cups while further simplifying operations in our stores."

Anyone who hits up Starbucks for breakfast or a mid-day snack might be pleased to hear about another potential change. Although he didn't share details just yet, Narasimhan did reveal that he think the "food could use more work."

It also didn't take many barista shifts for the CEO to notice the problem that some items at Starbucks are not always available.

"We are out of stock in more items than we would like," he shared during the earnings call.

Narasimhan later suggested that he'd like to improve the "factory"-like environment in the back of coffee shops.

"Our performance is strong, but our health can be stronger, enable the fearless in the front by strengthening the factories in the back," he revealed.

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