Maine Coon Mom Shares the Exact Weight of Each of Her Cats

Maine Coons are just huge!

Cat breeds come in all sizes and colors. Some have beautiful and unique patterns like Bengal Cats while others are well, just insanely huge puff balls. Maine Coon cats are considered the largest breed of domestic cats, usually weighing between 13 and 18 pounds for males or 8 to 12 pounds for females. Although, there is one Maine Coon cat that weighs 22 pounds!

To get a better sense of just how large Maine Coon cats are, TikTok user @through.the.lleaves holds up each of her cats and it's insanely cool. We still can't get over how big these cats can get. Take a look!

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Holy huge! Forget about lifting weights. We just need to get a Maine Coon cat to help us with our workouts. LOL!

"Omg someone tell me what the heck kind of wonderous cat is Kusa! That is so cool. I didn't know these giant fur babies existed," said @brettbrett6. Right?! We knew Maine Coon cats were a cat breed, but until we saw videos of them on TikTok we never truly understood how large these cats can get. And when you compare a Maine Coon cat to a regular cat, it's even more mindblowing.

@nakinnaatkins commented, "Kusa is one BIIIIIG floof." You can say that again! If we didn't know any better, we would've thought Kusa was a dog. LOL! Well, to be fair, she is the size of a small dog. It makes us wonder, what kind of cat food is this TikToker feeding them! "Hey girl, I think that’s a mountain lion," added @helenann21. For real though!

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