Maine Coon Kitten’s First Bath Is Full of Suds and Smiles

If you want to add a moment of Zen to your day, this video that Copper King Coons shared at the end of March will do it for you! The video introduces to Muffin, an adorable Maine Coon kitten whose mom is a first-time mom and needs some help keeping her kitten clean.

The kitten's humans stepped in to help Muffin's mom out by giving her a bubble bath. Watch as the kitten enjoys the water and seems to like getting dried off even more! I was so surprised that the kitten didn't mind the water at all, even though most cats are not fans of it. The whole video totally relaxed me and made me want a kitten!

Muffins is absolutely adorable! I felt myself relaxing and smiling while watching the video. Copper_King_Coons' fans loved the video too. @BajanBeauty swooned, "Fluffball!!" and @Winston added, "Super adorable!" Another commenter wondered, "Why don't people wash the head a little? Doesn't it get dirty?" Muffin's human replied, "I wiped it down with a damp cloth afterwards. You don’t want them inhaling water."

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Do Maine Coons Make Good Pets?

Commenter @bug wanted to take Muffin home and asked how much the kitten cost. Muffin's human replied, "Muffin has a family waiting for him!" I love Maine Coons and would love to have one as a pet. Unfortunately, our dog wouldn't like that, and neither would my husband since he's allergic to cats.

Maine Coons are beautiful cats, and they are one of the most popular breeds around; their size and good looks make everybody want one. They are much larger than your standard domestic cat - males weigh between 15-25 pounds, while females are 10-15 pounds. Their average height is 10-16 inches, and they are about 40 inches long. Their tails can add another 12-18 inches to their length! They have those huge furry paws that they use to climb, hunt, and capture their prey like mice and birds. They look regal and act like kings and queens. They're the whole package when it comes to cool cats!

Unlike housecats, these cats require regular exercise, and prefer to stay busy by chasing mice and following their humans around. They actually love the water, which explains the kitten's reaction to it in the video. Interestingly, they have semi-water-repellent fur, Maine Coon Central shared, "They have three layers of fur, and the outermost layer helps water to slide easily off their coat instead of soaking them through."

As with any pet you might be considering adding to the family, there are pros and cons that come with them so make sure to do your research to decide if a pet is right for you. There's no such thing as the 'perfect' pet, but it seems to me that the Maine Coon comes pretty close!

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