Maine Coon Cat's Impressive Tricks Would Be a Hit at Any Party

We’ll be the first to admit that we love showing off our fur baby. But come on, is there any parent that doesn’t like to show off their fur babies to all their friends?! Especially if they can do tricks. Everyone loves to see tricks!

That’s probably why TikTokers are obsessing over this video from TikTok user @allieandwinston. We’ve all seen dogs do the typical tricks of sitting, pawing, turning, etc. But what makes this video so special is that it’s not coming from a dog. It’s a cat! Check it out!

Wow! We’ve seriously never seen a cat do so many tricks before. And now we totally understand why it’s this TikToker’s favorite party trick. We’d be showing everyone this if our cat could do it too. LOL!

“I’m impressed,” wrote @theceoofcats. Is there a word that means more than impressed because that’s how we’re feeling after watching this! We thought maybe the cat would’ve done two tricks at the most, but the tricks kept coming! So cool!

We don’t get how her roommate wouldn’t be a fan of this. This would put the biggest smile on our faces! “Why would your roommate not be a fan? Rude. Also, what a sweet smart kitty. So cute!” commented @yourcurlygirl. Maybe the roommate just needs some extra time to warm up to the cat because who wouldn’t love that adorable face?!

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