Maid of honor gets kicked out of bachelorette party for being ‘brutally honest’ with bride

A maid of honor was asked to leave the bachelorette party for being “brutally honest” with the bride.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. The bride got very drunk during the bachelorette party and began fixating on her ex from five years before. Her ex recently had a baby with his new wife, and she was also the reason their relationship ended.

The next morning the bride discovered she had called her ex over 10 times. They assumed he didn’t pick up because the calls were short.

“I told her she needed to delete his number from her phone and move on because it wasn’t fair to the guy she is marrying if she continues to be hung up on her ex,” the maid of honor wrote.

But then everyone got upset at her and called her insensitive toward the bride.

“Eventually my friend asked me to go home early,” she wrote. “I was told part of a bachelorette party is getting closure with old relationships and my judgmental attitude ruined it for the bride to be.”

Redditors thought the maid of honor did the right thing.

“Closure with old relationships should have happened way before accepting a marriage proposal,” a user said.

“She doesn’t sound like much of a friend,” another wrote.

“You did nothing wrong in telling your friend to respect their partner and delete their ex’s number,” a TikToker replied.

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