Maid of honor accuses bridesmaid of ‘ruining’ wedding by removing heels: ‘I am absolutely mortified’

A bridesmaid took her shoes off at the wedding and “ruined” the ceremony, according to the maid of honor.

The bridesmaid posted about the situation in Reddit’s “Wedding” forum. All the bridesmaids agreed to wear stilettos at the wedding. On the day of the ceremony, her shoes started to irritate her feet. The bride suggested she wear flats, but she declined.

After a couple of hours, her feet began to throb. During the ceremony, she took one of her shoes off. But when the bridesmaids had to walk back together afterward, her foot was so swollen she couldn’t get her shoe back on.

So she took off the other shoe and walked barefoot. But everyone seemed to notice, and the cameras were flashing the entire time.

“The MoH is glaring daggers at me and the bride finally notices,” she wrote. “I am absolutely mortified as I hobble off holding my heels looking like a drunk girl stumbling out of a club.”

Afterward, she apologized profusely in person and over texts. The bride told her it was fine every time, but she still feels like it was an issue.

The maid of honor told her over text, “I get it I guess, but well what do you expect you kind of ruined her wedding ceremony right? All of our feet hurt but the rest of us just sucked it up you know?”

People thought the bridesmaid mishandled the situation.

“You’re making this worse and turning a minor annoyance into an actual problem because you refuse to drop it,” a person wrote.

“Please stop. Not only did the bride give you an out with flats, which you refused, but she also said it’s okay,” someone commented.

“She gave you an out,” another added.

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