Magpie Sings 'Do-Re-Mi' During Ukulele Class in New South Wales

A magpie took part in a sing-along during a ukulele class in Urunga, New South Wales, on September 24.

Music teacher Vanessa Nugent recorded a video that showed a magpie, named Cheeky, mimicking the sound of the popular song “Do-Re-Mi” from the Sound Of Music.

“Thank you Cheeky, that’s beautiful darling,” a woman’s voice can be heard saying in the video once the song is finished.

Nugent told Storyful that Cheeky began carolling with her when she was playing the ukulele outside of her home.

“I was lucky to be able to film her while she joined in on our C scale practice song,” Nugent said.

The native magpies are renowned mimics, delivering renditions of sounds such as sirens and popular songs. Credit: Vanessa Nugent via Storyful